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Scrum: PSM 1 exam

Even after intensive study of the scrum guide, the open assessment and some other sites like Mikhail Lapshin: PSM I Quiz, there were still some questions which I didnt see coming and which were not entirely explicit when it came to multiple choices, like 3 from 6 answers.

To share this knowledge for others, as others helped me to get my certificate, I tried to extract those questions, which were some kind of a "surprise" to me in the exam PSM 1.

Note: These are not 1:1 questions from the test, I improvised to catch their meaning and intention. Also note: as this was the real exam, I am not 100% sure about alle correct answers, but I tried to explain from my knowledge, what should be correct. If you have remarks to any of these dont hesitate to mail me about it:

My result, btw., was 92.5% [74 points out of 80].

1) How should a Scrum Master divide a group of 100 developers into multiple Scrum teams?

A) Based on their skills across layers, like databases and UI
B) Let the product owner assign the developers into teams
C) Let the developers decide for themselves how to create the teams

My answer: C

Explanation: "B" is out of the question, as the product owner should not be invloved at all here. "A" sounds good about the layers, but I dont think the scrum master should decide that. In the sense of self-organized developer teams I went with "C" here.

2) Which ways of creating development teams are consistent with the values of Scrum? [chose 2 answers]

A) Managers re-assign the developers to new teams
B) The developers get together and organize themselves into teams
C) The Product owners determine the teams
D) Existing teams propose ways to assemble into new teams

My answers: "B" and "D"

Explanation: See question 1) - Managers and product owners are not involved in organzing development teams. They do it for themselves.